The overarching goal of the Pathways Program is to provide a space within the curriculum to ignite passion, foster purpose and sustain individual professional identity formation.

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, Pathways Day was moved online.

Watch the Welcome Addresses from the Dean and Pathways Directors. Also, view all of the exciting projects completed by Immersion Students of the Class of 2021, as well as our recognition to all who have contributed to student success in the Pathways Program.


Flexibility is the foundation of Pathways. Students can select from two pathways:

The Selectives Pathway

The Selectives Pathway provides a breadth of experiences through participation in elective courses from the D2 to the D4 year, allowing students to enrich their DDS curriculum based on their own individual experiences and showcase these interests.

Electives available to students in the Selectives Pathway:

  • Survey Design
  • Precision Oral Health
  • Focused Discussions on Leadership and Their Application to Dentistry
  • TMD, Sleep Bruxism & Occlusion in Practice
  • IPE (Inter Professional Education) in Anatomical Sciences
  • Special Projects in CBDE (Community Based Dental Education)
  • Implant Planning & Fabrication Laboratory
  • Dental Ceramics Laboratory
  • Complete Denture Laboratory
  • Educational Theory
  • Educational Lecture/Seminar
  • Educational Preclinical/Clinical
  • Supplemental Professional Learning
  • On Campus Mini-Rotations
  • Off Campus Mini-Rotations
  • Leadership in Dentistry: What does the Evidence Show?
  • Constructing Effective Literature Searches
  • Integrative Dentistry
  • D3 Special Projects in CBDE
  • Dental Pulp & Pulp Responses: Clinical Applications
  • D4 Special Projects in CBDE

The Immersion Pathway

The Immersion Pathway provides an in-depth focus on a chosen topic by the student and completion of a capstone project, where there is an expectation of dissemination of the results through scholarship that will inform the profession.

Current projects in the Immersion Pathway:

  • Educating & Providing Care to Deaf/Hard of Hearing Patients
  • Genetic Etiologies of Short Root Anomaly
  • Digital Technology Immersion Program
  • Oral Health Education in Underserved Populations
  • Creation of Head and Neck Anatomy Review Tool
  • Non-invasive video reconstruction of moving morphology (VROMM)
  • Dental fear experienced by United States Veterans
  • Using Experiential Learning to Educate Children/Adolescents About Oral Health
  • Analyses of Aggregate Enrollment, Graduation and Placement Data of the Oral Biology PhD Programs in the US
  • Cariology Education in U.S. Dental Schools
  • Dentists' Attitudes and Professional Behavior Related to Patients on Medicaid: A Longitudinal Analysis
  • Management of preexisting implants and implant supported prosthetics for elderly patients with neurodegenerative disorders
  • Patient Acceptability of SDF treatment in UoM Clinics
  • Physician-Focused Flouride Education
  • Prenatal Parameters of Postnatal Success in Micrognathia Infants
  • Providing patient-centered dental care for patients from LGBTQ+ background
  • Victors for Veterans
  • Victors Open Arms
  • Audit of Sustainability in the dental practice
  • Development and Promotion of Evidence-Based Oral Hygiene Therapy for Personalized Care
  • Establishment of a Guatemala Global Experiences Program
  • Importance of Oral Health in Overall Systemic Health

The Pathways Program is based on autonomy. Students direct their own learning through this multiyear program that begins in their D-1 year and culminates in a celebratory Pathways Day in their D-4 year.


Pathways Day occurs every year in March. Information on Pathways Day 2020 will be released later this year.



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