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Oral Health Sciences PhD Programs

The primary objective of this program is to train outstanding students to become leaders in academic research in oral health sciences. Enrolled students pick from several training tracks, including OHS PhD, DDS/PhD, MS/PhD, and the Future Faculty Track.

Oral Health Sciences Masters Program (MS)

This one year program is intended to prepare students to acquire skills and knowledge necessary for a competitive dental school application, a competitive application to a PhD training program, or employment in a research laboratory.

The Oral Health Sciences PhD and MS are programs of the Rackham Graduate School offered at the School of Dentistry.


ORAL HEALTH SCIENCES SEMINAR SERIES The Office of Research coordinates the school-wide Oral Health Sciences Seminar Series. Students, faculty, postdocs and trainees are welcome to attend the seminars.

Contact: Office of Research


December 7, 2023

Title: The Regulation of Human Skeleton Development

Terence D. Capellini, Ph.D. M. Phil., M.A.
Human Evolutionary Biology
Harvard University

Time: Noon - 1 PM  

Host: Dr. Tomer Stern

Location: DENT G550

Sponsored by Victors

December 14, 2023

Title: Lung Mesenchymal Cells in Development and Pulmonary Diseases

Wei Shi, PhD
Professor, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Time: Noon - 1 PM  

Host: Dr. Yuji Mishina

Location: DENT G550

Sponsored by Oral Health Sciences

February 8, 2024

Title: Spectral Connectomics - mapping neuronal identities and connections in neural circuits by light microscopy

Vincent Idone, Ph.D.
Associate Director – Connective Tissue Diseases TFA

Time: Noon - 1 PM  

Host: Nita Singh

Location: DENT G550

Sponsored by MOHSSA

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