Chenxuan Wei





Dr. Chenxuan Wei obtained her degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2010. After graduation, Dr. Wei did 2 years of postdoctoral training in restorative Dentistry in Shanghai Jiaotong University. In 2013, she went to the University of Hong Kong to pursue her PhD in oral biology and dental biomaterials. Her main research areas include bio-integration, tissues regeneration and infection control of implant materials, dental filling materials, and dental ceramics. Her work has received awards twice from the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). During her PhD, Dr. Wei also founded startups seeking a way to transfer research into practice. In the next step in her career, Dr. Wei joined the Graduate Prosthodontics Program at the University of Michigan in hopes of deepening her knowledge of advanced prosthodontics practice, and understanding how research and technologies could serve a better part.