Domenica Giovanna Ciaglia Sweier

Clinical Professor of Dentistry


Cariology, Restorative Sciences & Endodontics


Cariology, Restor Sci & Endo 3170 Dent Ann Arbor MI 48109-1078





Dr. Domenica "Nikki" Sweier is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and has a certificate in Hospital Dentistry with a focus on Geriatrics and Special Needs Adults.
She is a Clinical Associate Professor with clinical teaching duties in both the graduate and undergraduate dental clinics. Dr. Sweier also lectures to both dental and dental hygiene students in the following courses/topics: Infection & Immunity; Gastrointestinal System; Applied Nutrition; Geriatric Dentistry; Oral Facial Function I; restorative dentistry for hygiene; and the Science & Practice of Dentistry in the 21st Century for undergraduate students.

As the former director of the Leadership Pathway, she has transitioned into the most recent iteration of the Pathways Program as co-director of the Selectives Pathway. Additionally, she has administrative duties as the Vertically Integrated Clinic director for 3 Green and the Director of Risk Management. Her scholarly interests lie in the varied subjects that students bring to her in the Pathways Program as well as within Quality Assurance & Improvement.