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In the D3 and D4 year, students have internal rotations in pediatric dentistry and oral surgery, where they learn the clinical techniques specific to these disciplines, in a setting that optimizes patient care as well as student learning. External rotations in specialty clinics outside the dental school, such as hospital dentistry, provide experiences that help students understand how oral care is provided in other practice settings and to learn how to work effectively with dental specialists and other healthcare professionals.

D3 Rotations

Oral Surgery Pediatric Dentistry
Clinical Research Core Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS)
Clinical Research Core Radiology
Hope Clinic Washtenaw Community College

1/2 day rotations in Implant, Oral Hygiene Instructions, Instrument Sharpening, CPR, MiDent Training, Motivational Interviewing and Pathways training


D4 Rotations

Oral Surgery Periodontics
Emergency (Hospital) D2 Mentoring
10 weeks External  MiDent