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Student Organizations

Academy of LDS Dentists

Who We Are

The Academy of LDS Dentists is an organization of dental professionals who are dedicated to serving mankind. Its mission is to promote dental education among professionals and the general public; to promote and facilitate dental service by its members, providing manpower and expertise in dental care delivery; and to procure and distribute equipment, supplies, and educational materials to aid in patient treatment and educational pursuits.

We seek to accomplish this in a family centered environment which embraces the standards and values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, allowing members to enjoy a rich fellowship based on common ideals and philosophies. We embrace the philosophy that it is better to teach someone how to do something than to just provide a service.

Specific objectives, goals, and approaches may vary from time to time according to recognized needs and available resources.


We welcome all who are interested to join the LDS Academy chapter at UMSOD!

Contact: Trenton Dunford ( or visit

Alliance for Inclusion

Who We Are

Alliance for Inclusion (AFI) is a group of dental students, dental hygiene students and faculty that share a common interest in increasing awareness and advocating for the LGBTQ community. Collectively, we aim to educate dental students, staff, faculty, and dental professionals about diversity issues in hopes of encouraging awareness, mentoring students, as well as providing perspectives in treating a diverse patient population.

The Purpose of Our Organization

To provide a safe and supportive environment for diverse dental students, with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community, advocating for their rights, and providing resources to help make their dental education a positive experience. To educate the dental community in issues relating to the LGBTQ identity and foster relationships with other gay-straight alliances within the greater UofM community.


Feel free to contact Christine Uggeri ( for more information.

Alpha Omega


Alpha Omega is a worldwide dental fraternity that strives to promote the profession of dentistry and foster high standards of scholarship, leadership, and character. It was founded in 1907 by Jewish dental students to combat undemocratic policies towards minority groups in graduate schools. As a proponent of diversity, today our members include persons of many ethnicities and religions, with active chapters in six continents. The University of Michigan's Alpha Omega (Chi Chapter) is comprised of dental students, graduate students, and faculty. Opportunities include academic help sessions, philanthropic events, mentor and externship programs, international dental aid trips, and social functions with AO alumni and students from across the country. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Contact Shyrie Patel ( or Audrey Niemchick ( for more information.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry


The University of Michigan's student chapter of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) is dedicated to the promotion of a better understanding and appreciation of dentistry for infants, children and patients with special needs. Its primary mission is to facilitate the sharing of oral healthcare to the children of Michigan. AAPD participates in several events throughout the year: Give Kids a Smile, Boo Bash, Special Smiles, Ann Arbor Hands On Museum dental exhibits, cleft lip/cleft palate hospital rotations and others.


Membership in this organization is open to all predoctoral dental students and hygiene students at the University of Michigan. If you are interested in joining or have questions, please contact Patrick Glisczinski ( or Mary Claire Kiernan(

American Association of Dental Education (ADEA)


ADEA is the voice of dental education. Our mission is to lead individuals in the dental education community to address contemporary issues influencing education, research, and the delivery of oral health for the overall health and safety of the public. The objects of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry Chapter area s follows:

  1. To support the Core Values, Mission, and Strategic Direction of ADEA in the programs conducted
  2. To provide effective student input into boht dental and allied dental education
  3. To promote the advancement of dental education by providing student input into and involvement with ADEA's activities
  4. To stimulate students to assume roles in dental and allied dental education and research
  5. To work in partnership with other student organizations to promote their involvement in the advancement of dental education


Contact Shyrie Patel ( for more information.

American Association of Public Health Dentistry


The University of Michigan’s AAPHD student chapter strives to improve the oral and systemic health of the community by utilizing the student body’s diverse interests and skills. The chapter values interprofessional collaboration with dental hygiene students and other healthcare providers to achieve this mission.

The chapter is guided by Dr. Michael Manz DDS, MS and Dr. Bonita Neighbors, DDS. Dr. Manz has used his public health background to introduce members to current public health data and dental legislation. He has connected the chapter with Michigan’s Health & Human Services Oral Health Director, who visited the school for a lunchtime Q&A about water fluoridation and mid-level providers. Dr. Neighbors is instrumental in providing clinical volunteer experiences for AAPHD students. She was the former CDC director and she currently works at Hope Clinic in Ypsilanti, which is the primary volunteer site for our members.

Last year, dental and dental hygiene students volunteered to provide free cleanings, restorations, and extractions at both the Ann Arbor Community Dental Center and Hope Clinic. These services were funded by grants and allowed around sixty low-income patients to receive dental care. These donated care days were unique educational opportunities for students because they were able to work in an environment with minimal time pressure and a favorable student to faculty ratio.

The University of Michigan’s AAPHD chapter has developed a relationship with the Department of Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes at Domino’s Farms Medical Center. This department provides biweekly diabetes education classes to an attentive and inquisitive group of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Dental and dental hygiene students collaborate to explain the relationship between diabetes and periodontitis to this group and to answer any additional oral health questions. The students benefit from this experience because they become adept at explaining this complex disease process in phrases that are easily understood by patients. This experience allows dental and dental hygiene students to learn from one another and to better appreciate the knowledge and skill set of their counterparts.

Our chapter looks for opportunities that allow underclassman to interact with upperclassmen, dental students to interact with dental hygiene, and dentistry to interact with other forms of medicine. The group provides experiences that not only benefit the patient’s health, but that allow students to grow into well-rounded and compassionate providers.


If you are interested in participating in part of this outreach-based group, become a member for the 2018-19 school year by contacting AAPHD at

American Association of Women Dentists


Welcome to the University of Michigan School of Dentistry chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD UMSoD). Founded in 1921, the mission of the American Association of Women Dentists is to be the recognized resource for connecting and enriching the lives of women dentists. Our group includes pre-doctoral students, post-doctoral residents, and faculty members who engage in educational, extracurricular, and enrichment activities to develop the networks of support, mentorship, and friendship with other female dental students and professionals.

While striving to embody the University of Michigan motto of being the leaders and the best in our field of study, we also uphold the following core mission of the national AAWD: "The mission of the AAWD is to be the recognized resource for connecting and enriching the lives of women dentists. AAWD is guided by the following core values:



All dental students are welcome to join. Contact AAWD executive board officers.

For more information, please contact Lindsay Isenhart (, Chapter President.

American Student Dental Association (ASDA)


The University of Michigan American Student Dental Association (UM-ASDA) is a student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests, and welfare of students pursuing careers in dentistry. It introduces students to lifelong involvement in organized dentistry and provides services, information, education, representation and advocacy.

UM-ASDA provides an avenue for students to get involved in local and national politics, community service and outreaches, local chapter lunch and learns, CE courses, and fun social activities. The benefits from becoming a member are not limited to the local chapter, but extend nationally to include: externships, national leadership positions, regional trips to Washington D.C. for student representatives, and more!


Evan Ouderkirk at

Bridge of Disciplines

Who We Are

Bridge of Disciplines is a project-based organization that aims to diversify the learning process through student-led, sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives involving interdisciplinary collaborations in academic, professional, and clinical avenues.

Organization Dynamics

Bridge of Disciplines is operated under the student leadership of the Board of Directors and a body of Faculty Advisors. The only requirement in place for a member to earn a Directorship at the Board is an ownership of a project operated under BD. A project may be an execution of a Director’s own idea, an adaptation of an existing project, or an inherited establishment from a previous Director. We also host a variety of socials and professional development opportunities. Come enrich your student life and build an experience with us!



Bridge of Disciplines - Executive Committee
Tommy Vu (
Troy Thoong (
Alex Bageris (
Jian Lee (
Shirley Ye (

Christian Dental Association

Mission statement/history

The Christian Dental Association (CDA) is a student group that exists to motivate, educate and equip Christian dentists to glorify God in all that they do. We strive to create an atmosphere where all feel welcome to come and learn about various topics with a focus on how Christianity relates to our daily lives and our future dental careers. We seek to accomplish this through many different avenues, including weekly/monthly Bible studies, mission work, lunch and learns with outside speakers, and various social events. The CDA is a division of the Christian Medical and Dental Association.

Who can join?

Any dental student interested in fellowship with Christians and learning more about Christ is welcome at any of our events. To join our listserv and receive info about upcoming Bible studies and events please contact us by email!


To learn how to get involved or for more information, feel free to email or Dr. David Brzezinski at You can also learn more at the Christian Medical and Dental Association website. Join us on Facebook at UMSOD Christian Dental Association.

Cosmetic Dentistry Society


The Cosmetic Dentistry Society (CDS) is an organization established to foster continues learning for dental students in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, leadership, and philanthropy. The organization will host guest speakers, informational sessions, and workshops primarily focused on esthetics. This group is open to all dental and dental hygiene students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of esthetic dentistry. Philanthropic efforts will be geared towards Give Back a Smile, a program that helps restore smiles for victims of domestic and sexual violence.


If interested, please contact Allan Baker (

Delta Sigma Delta


Delta Sigma Delta (DSD) is a co-ed professional dental fraternity that was founded in 1882 here at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. It offers members a chance to network with other dentists, learn about the profession, get involved in community events, and attend a variety of social events.


Any dental student is welcome to pledge DSD - if interested, please contact Jamal Sahloul (

Dental Students for Sustainability (DSS)


Our mission is to educate and engage dental students to integrate sustainability into the dental profession and create an atmosphere of sustainability at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. The goal of our group is to investigate and potentially implement sustainable solutions in the dental school and provide students the knowledge and tools to carry sustainable practices into their personal and professional lives.


For more information please contact Lea Sarment (

Give Kids a Smile


The American Dental Association began the Give Kids a Smile initiative nationwide in 2003 as a way for the dental community to provide underserved children with free dental services. With the aid of the Washtenaw District Dental Society, the University of Michigan’s dental clinics transform for one Saturday each March for the goal of educating and treating the children of Michigan—with an emphasis on establishing a permanent dental home for both parents and children.


Participation is open to the entire UMSoD community. If you are interested in volunteering or have questions about the event, please contact:

Patrick Glisczinski ( or Mary Claire Kiernan ( - Co-Presidents

Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA)


As the leading voice for Hispanic oral health we provide Service, Education, Advocacy, and Leadership for the elimination of oral health disparities in the Hispanic community. We are the only national organization of dental professionals dedicated to promoting and improving the oral health of the Hispanic communities across the United States.

The University of Michigan's HSDA student chapter participates in 8 unique summer volunteering events at migrant farm communities throughout Michigan. At these sites, we educate families on proper oral hygiene techniques, gum disease and caries prevention in both Spanish and English. Students also participate in national/regional conferences, dental Spanish classes and other volunteering events throughout the year.


Check out the HSDA at Michigan Facebook Page for more information or contact Alvaro Malaga ( for more information.

Michigan Dental Student Research Group


The Michigan Dental Student Research Group (MDSRG) is our dental school's chapter of the AADR National Student Research Group (AADR NSRG). We are a student-run organization whose main purpose is to foster a community of student researchers and provide a means for them to promote their interests on a local as well as national level. We hope to encourage student interest in research through a facilitated research match program, networking opportunities, hands-on workshops, and other events.


Contact Alexandra Oklejas ( more information.

The Muslim Student Dental Association


The Muslim Student Dental Association is an organization serving Muslim dental and dental hygiene students and anyone interested in learning about the Islamic faith and culture within the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. We engage in religious, social and community activities with efforts of promoting the field of Dentistry, supporting educational and intellectual pursuits of dentistry and continue to promote the goals of Muslim students in the School of Dentistry, and thus serve our faith as best we can. Our efforts coincide with that of the School of Dentistry, in facilitating a better environment for Muslim dental and dental hygiene students on campus, educating both Muslims and people of other faith about the religion of Islam, allowing the building of bridges and understanding in our diverse community through dental services and activism.


Contact Momin Shakoor (President) or Said Al-Jazaeri (Vice President) for more information.

Oral Surgery Student Association


The Oral Surgery Student Association (OSSA) is a student-run organization that aims to provide students who are interested in oral surgery and/or orofacial surgical techniques with resources to explore the specialty further. We hope to foster this interest by engaging students with guest speakers, informational sessions, study support, and opportunities to explore surgical techniques. This group is intended for those who wish to pursue an oral surgery residency as well as those who with to practice general dentistry but would like to learn more about the surgical management of patients.


Contact Neil Thomas ( more information.

Orthodontics Club


The Orthodontics Club is a student-run organization, which supports the interests of dental students seeking more knowledge and experience in orthodontics. Through the organization, members will have the opportunity to shadow orthodontists, attend lectures given by orthodontists, speak with orthodontic residents, and be active in the community.


Contact: Megan Utter (

Student Professionalism and Ethics Association


The Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry is a national, student driven association that was established to promote and support a student’s lifelong commitment to ethical behavior in order to benefit the patients they serve and further the dental profession.


Joshua Hurlburt (

Scholars Program in Dental Leadership (SPDL)


The vision of the Scholars Program in Dental Leadership at the University of Michigan is to empower dental and dental hygiene students to envision and promote cultural changes in the realm of dentistry. Our mission is to bring together the very best, brightest, and hardest working students with diverse backgrounds and to center their talents on a shared goal of developing leadership skills. Through combined student-faculty efforts, we believe that an environment can be created that will serve all segments of our profession


President - Ciara Wilke, D2 (
Vice President - Said Al-Jazaeri, DH3 (
Secretary - Trenton Dunford, D2 (
Treasurer - Min Lim, DH3 (
Lunch & Learn -Michael Korleski, DH4 (

Student National Dental Association


The Student National Dental Association (SNDA) originated from concerned dental students at Meharry Medical College in 1970. Since it's inception, SNDA plays an integral part to increase underrepresented student populations in dental schools as well as promote the access of dental health services to underserved communities.

The University of Michigan chapter of the SNDA is rich in tradition. Our mission is to foster a community of belonging, academic success, and professional development among students of color. In addition, UM-SNDA thrives to remain active on a national level. This chapter plans to continue its commitment to the national organization by participating at the national conventions, providing leadership at the national level, and recruiting alumni to future conventions.


Visit the SNDA website

Student Council

Schoolwide Student Council


The Student Council is responsible for communicating among individual students, various organizations throughout the dental school community, and between students and faculty. This communication is designed to stimulate interaction between students and faculty members. Student Council members are selected by general class election. To achieve these goals the Student Council attempts to conceive, plan, and execute appropriate projects for the good of the dental school community and the profession as a whole. Some of the activities in which Student Council has participated include faculty-student mixers, a “Welcome Back” reception, Dental Health Day, and a mouth guard program.


Surina Das, President (
Rita Maizy, Vice President (
Andrew Lefeber, Treasurer (
Nisha Patel, Secretary (
Michael Korleski, DH Liaison (
Nataliia Lysa, ITDP Liasion (
Anne Marie Wang, Honor Council Rep (

Class Officers

Class of 2019

Milad Karim, President (
Amanda Robertson, Vice President (
Megan Utter, Treasurer (
Ryan Keener, Secretary (

Class of 2020

Rita Maizy, President (
Surina Das, Vice President (
Shannon Young, Treasurer (
Cory Ball, Secretary -

Class of 2021

Tommy Vu, President (
Jon Misch, Vice President (
Alex Bageris, Treasurer (
Lana Amer, Secretary (

Class of 2022

Tom Havlichek, President (
Pauline Flamion, Vice President (
Esther Suh, Treasurer (
Alana Hollis, Secretary (

Dental Hygiene Class of 2019

Brenna Slovak, President (
Jumanah (Noor) Khan, Vice President (
Joy Holcomb, Secretary (
Kali Trumich, Treasurer (

Dental Hygiene Class of 2020

Allison Carron, President (
Brianna Brown, Vice President (
Hollie Anderson, Secretary (
Lexi Jones, Treasurer (

Dental Hygiene Class of 2021

Waled Mattit, President (
Youssef Farran, Vice President (
Kathleen Reidy, Secretary (
Mubarra Shahid, Treasurer (

Wolverines for Immigrant Oral Health   


Wolverines for Immigrant Oral Health (WIOH) is established for the expressed purpose of developing leadership skills as well as an awareness of social responsibilities to encourage students to be engaged and involved in promoting oral health care and oral health awareness throughout the immigrant community.


Project WIOH (

Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity


Xi Psi Phi is a professional dental fraternity that was founded in 1889, here at the University of Michigan. It was founded on the idea that “hospitality is the life of friendship” and we continue to hold that as a core value today. The fraternity is committed to connecting dentists and promoting personal and professional development. We offer academic help sessions and a variety of ways to get involved in the profession, serve our community, and build friendships with others in the dental profession.


Any dental student is welcome to join Xi Psi Phi. Please contact Joel Griffin ( or Kate LaTendresse ( for more information.

To register as a student group, contact the Dean of Student Services in 1208 and visit the Michigan Student Assembly (MSA).