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Comprehensive Care Clinics

Characteristics of the Patient Care Program at Michigan

  • Comprehensive (patient families provide a broad array of clinical experience, based on patient need)
  • Competency based (not requirement-based)
  • Vertically integrated (teams involve students from all years)
  • Early clinical experiences (starting in D1 year)

Student Experience in Clinics, D1 - D4 Classes

  • 1st year students, ½ day per week in clinic
    • Assisting upper classes in clinical care
    • Treating patients the Winter Term
  • 2nd year students, 1-2 days per week
    • Clinical exercises with classmates - bite splint fabrication, intraoral photo taking, occlusal examination, local anesthesia
    • Treatment planning uncomplicated patients and providing teeth cleanings and fillings
    • Patient families assigned in Winter of second year
  • 3rd year students average 4 days/week seeing their own patients (students have 2 weeks of Outreach outside of the School)
  • 4th year students, 3 days/week seeing their own patients (students have 10 weeks of Outreach outside of the School)