Sponsored Research Awards

August 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016

National Institutes of Health Awards

Jacques Nör

(F30 Award for Min Oh, DDS/OHS PhD Student)

Perivascular Niche and Self-Renewal of Dental Pulp Stem Cells

David Kohn and William Giannobile

Multi-PI (R34)

Michigan Regenerative Medicine Resource Center

Darnell Kaigler


Customized craniofacial stem cell therapy for craniofacial bone defects

Nan Hatch

(R21) $426,250
Development of a Biomedical Treatment Approach for Craniosynostosis

(R01) $1,991,250
Molecular Mechanisms of Craniosynostosis

Alexandre Dasilva


Investigation and Modulation of the Central Mu-Opioid Mechanism in Migraine (in vivo)

Russell Taichman

(U54) $147,964
The Biology of HSCs in the Microenvironment of Prostate Cancer

(U54 Supplement) $184,500
Mechanisms of Prostate Cancer Dormancy in the Bone Marrow Niche

Isabelle Lombaert


Identifying Stem Cells for Future Salivary Gland Stem Cell Therapy

Yu Lei


Autophagy-promoting NLRX1-TUFM complex and cancer cell resistance to cetuximab

Margherita Fontana


Predicting Caries Risk in Underserved Toddlers in Primary Healthcare Settings (PECASE)

Federal Other Awards

Geoffrey Gerstner

National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: The evolutionary significance of variability in mammalian chewing: the influence of diet and oral afferents on feeding kinematics

Russell Taichman

Department of Defense

Sympathetic Nervous System Control of Disseminated Tumor Cell (DTCs) Dormancy

Foundations, Industry and Other Awards

Sharon Aronovich and Jun Liu

Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery Foundation

In vivo evaluation of fluorapatite modified PLC scaffold for osteoinductive capabilities

Dennis Fasbinder

Dentsply Caulk $213,005
Clinical Evaluation of Chairside CAD/CAM Zirconia-reinforced Lithium Silicate Ceramic Crowns

3M $52,000
Patient Treatment Acceptance Based on a 3D Image Analysis of Dentition

Strauman AG $36,725
Surface Evaluation of High Strength CAD/CAM Restorative Materials

3M ESPE $43,049
Clinical Evaluation of Chairside CAD/CAM Nano-Ceramic Restorations-5 Year Recall

William Giannobile

Forsyth Institute

Biomarkers of Periodontal Disease Progression- Supplement

Carlos González-Cabezas

Johnson and Johnson $233,242
Development of Single and Multispecies Biofilm Models to Study Dental Caries and Fluoride Products

Johnson and Johnson $45,939
Enamel Demineralization Prevention Potential of Different Formulations of Oral Rinse Involving Fluoride and Essential Oils Using an In-Vitro Microbial Caries Model

Nan Hatch

Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute $77,500
Molecular Pathogenesis and Treatment of Hypophosphatasia

American Association of Orthodontists Foundation $30,000
Polymer Microsphere Controlled Deliver of Osteoprotegerin for Enhancing Orthodontic Anchorage

Yuji Mishina

Riken Research Cluster for Innovation $75,569
In vivo evaluation of BMP signaling blocking reagents

International FOP Association $41,800
Validation of novel diagnostic and targeted prophylaxis for FOP related heterotopic ossification

Stephanie Munz

Carolinas Healthcare System

Oral Hygiene, Periodontal Disease, and Infective Endocarditis

Gisele Neiva

Meisinger USA LLC

Surface Evaluation of Polishing Techniques for High Strength CAD/CAM Restorative Materials

Jacques Nör


Therapeutic Potential of the MedImmune CXCR4 and IL-6 Antibodies in Head and Neck Cancer-Supplement

Petros Papagerakis

Delta Dental Foundation

Clinical Significance of Circadian Rhythms Disruption in Sjogren’s syndrome Pathogenesis

Russell Taichman

Johns Hopkins University

Targeted Niche Therapy (TNT) to cure metastatic prostate cancer

Hom-Lay Wang

Osseointegration Foundation

The Influence of Mucosa Tissue Thickness on Marginal Bone Loss of Implants with Smooth Collars: A Prospective Controlled Trial