Oral Health Sciences PhD Program

Program Mission

The doctor of philosophy degree in Oral Health Sciences is a program of the Rackham School , offered at the School of Dentistry. The primary objective of this program is to train exceptional students to become leaders in academic research in oral health science. Major areas of study include: Craniofacial, Skeletal Biology & Disease, Cancer Biology & Therapeutics, Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine and Clinical, Population & Educational Research.

Program Objective

The primary objective of the PhD Program in Oral Health Sciences is to train outstanding students to become advanced research scientists in their field of interest within the oral sciences. This training will prepare dentist scientists who will be strong candidates for faculty positions in dental schools at major research universities. The program emphasizes basic research on clinically important problems concerned with health maintenance or diseases of the oralfacial region. A major goal is to provide students with insight into the biological, chemical and physical bases of problems related to oral health. This is achieved through understanding the functional, structural and molecular properties of the oral region, and their interactions in maintaining the integrity of the oralfacial complex.

Major Areas of Study

The major areas for training depend upon the interests of the program faculty and existence of a critical mass of faculty in a specific area, therefore, these areas may change over time.

Current areas of study are:

  • craniofacial and developmental biology
  • mineralized tissue and bone biology
  • oral and pharyngeal cancer
  • oral health disparities
  • oral infectious and immunologic diseases
  • oral sensory and pain neuroscience
  • tissue engineering and regeneration

Contact Information

School of Dentistry, Office of Research and Research Training
1011 N. University G306, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
734-615-1970 | dent-ohsphd@umich.edu