Molecular Biology Core

The Molecular Biology Core is a School of Dentistry sponsored, full-service biotechnology core facility which has been serving our research community since 2001. We provide microarray service - RNA to data (Affymetrix GeneChip system) and real-time quantitative PCR (ViiA7, 7500 instruments).

Taocong Jin -

The MBC also provides:
methodology, technique and experiment design consultation
analytical software training
data analysis, statistics and result interpretation assistance.

Flow Cytometer
Micro Array
Real-time PCR

Service Prices - Posted pricing is for internal University of Michigan customers only
Affymetrix Gene Chip/DNA Run - $350
Chip cost Recovery - $500
Applied Biosystems ViiA7(quantitative PCR)- $55
ABI Prism 7500 (quantitative PCR)- $55
Pathway Analysis - $75
(Prices updated 2-2015)

All School of Dentistry users will receive a 20% discount from listed prices.

Molecular Biology Core Laboratory
1011 N University Ave, Room 2203
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1078