MicroCT Core

MicroCT Core

  • Scanco μCT 100 micro-computed tomography system provides high resolution scans of radio opaque specimens such as bone, contrasted soft tissue, bio materials, etc.
  • Accommodates large specimens (up to 100mm diameter x 120mm length)
  • Capable of 2.5 μm resolution (highest resolution is not available at all sample sizes.)  Typical resolution for mouse bones is between 6 - 12μm.
  • Visual outputs: 2D and 3D images, movies, FEA meshes
  • Main bone parameters from analysis: TV (total volume [mm3]), BV (bone volume [mm3]), BV/TV, Tb.Th (thickness of the trabecular structure), Tb.N (number of trabeculae), Tb.Sp (trabecular separation)

RATE:  $48/hr for University Shortcodes

Previous Research

3D scans of bat skulls help natural history museums open up dark corners of their collections


Michelle Lynch - malyn@umich.edu

MicroCt Core
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School of Dentistry
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