Resources for Dental Professionals

Referring your Patient to the School of Dentistry

For general dental care, your patient may call Patient Admissions & Emergency Services to schedule an initial visit. Please provide your patient with a copy of their x-rays (panorex, full mouth series and/or bitewings), if taken within the past two years, to bring to their appointment. X‐rays can be emailed to the School of Dentistry at

For specialized treatment, refer your patient to a Graduate Dentist Clinic or Dental Faculty Clinic. Please call for specific instructions regarding referral.

Graduate Specialty Clinics

Special Care Clinic (at the Community Dental Center)

Dental Faculty Clinics

Oral Pathology Biopsy Service

  • Biopsy kits supplied free of charge
  • Pre-paid UPS two-day shipping
  • Pathological diagnoses faxed within 24 hours of specimen receipt (exceptions: hard tissue, special stains, DIF studies)
  • Call 1-800-358-1011 or 734-764-1543 for more information or to request supplies