Emergency & Urgent Care Services

Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Dental emergencies include
    • Swelling & pain
    • Continuous bleeding
    • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
    • Serious injury to your mouth or jaw
  • New Patients
    • Call PAES (Patient Admissions & Emergency Services) Clinic
    • 734-763-6933 option #1
    • 888-707-2500 option #1
  • Current Patients
    • Call your student dentist directly at the number they provided
    • If you are unable to contact your student dentist, call PAES (734-763-6933  or 888-707-2500 option #1)
    • Pediatric Clinic patients, call 734-764-1523 if your child has a dental emergency

After Hours & Weekends - Current Patients Only

Patients who are not currently being treated at the School of Dentistry should seek treatment at their local hospital emergency room.

  • Current School of Dentistry Patients
    • Call 734-936-6267
    • Ask for the dental resident on call and identify yourself as an active patient of the School of Dentistry
    • The resident will discuss the problem with you by phone and advise you on how to proceed
    • Patients receiving emergency dental care in the hospital will be billed the current Emergency Room fee
  • Current Orthodontic Patients
    • After hours, each of these phone numbers will have a message giving you detailed instructions how to manage your emergency
    • Dental Student:  734-647-8824
    • Graduate Student:  734-764-1520
    • Faculty Practice:  734-615-8899
  • Current Pediatric Dentistry Patients
    • Please call 734-936-6266 ext 32375