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Peter Ma New Materials Research Society Fellow

Ann Arbor, MI — April 9, 2015 — Dr. Peter Ma, a professor of dentistry in the Department of Biologic and Materials Sciences (BMS), has been named a Fellow by the Materials Research Society.  

MRS is an international organization of almost 16,000 materials researchers from academia, industry and government from 80 countries.  Its mission is to promote interdisciplinary materials research to advance materials that improve the quality of life.  Members are in disciplines that include physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and engineering…and now dentistry.

Ma was awarded the fellowship yesterday for his consistently innovative work in biomaterials sciences and engineering.  His research focuses on developing materials with applications in dentistry and medicine.  Some materials, such as those used in restorative dentistry, replace the structure and function of damaged or diseased tissues or organs.  The materials are developed as scaffolds (matrix materials) on which cells are placed and ultimately develop into new tissues.  As the new tissues develop, the special scaffold material degrades and is resorbed, leading to completely “natural” tissue replacement and/or regeneration. 

Ma is a tenured professor with appointments at the School of Dentistry and the College of Engineering.  He has been a keynote speaker 220 times at conferences and institutions worldwide; has been featured 13 times on the cover of scientific journals, edited four books and published 228 articles in scientific journals, conference proceedings and books.  He also has mentored researchers, more than 20 of whom hold faculty positions worldwide.