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Sindecuse Museum


We encourage the public, University community and visiting dental patients to visit the Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry. You'll find the Museum does not have a traditional layout; exhibits are integrated into the scholastic atmosphere of the School of Dentistry and Kellogg Institute Buildings, adding to the impact of our displayed materials. Museum exhibits are designed with adult reading levels in mind, so we recommend that families and others bringing young children stay with and assist their children as they visit the Museum on their own. 

Since the Museum is set in a multipurpose building with ongoing classes, exams, research laboratories, as well as patient clinics and waiting rooms we ask that our visitors respect this studious atmosphere as they view the exhibits. 

The School of Dentistry and Kellogg Institute Buildings are wheelchair accessible and meet ADA requirements.


No Charge


Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry
University of Michigan
School of Dentistry
1011 N. University - G565
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1078


Curator: Shannon O'Dell
Phone: 734-763-0767
Fax: 734-615-1429



Open to the public:
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

University Holidays

2019 University Holidays:

May 27, Memorial Day

July 4, Independence Day

September 2, Labor Day

November 28, 29, Thanksgiving

December 25th-January 1st, 2020: Holiday

Directions and Parking:

here for more information.

Camera Use Policy:

Visitors representing the media must make an appointment with the Curator in advance of their deadline. Publishing or broadcasting exhibit scenes that include historical images must be requested in advance. Limited non-flash still-photography of dental equipment on exhibit for personal reference ONLY is permitted. Please do not post images of the Museum or its collections on publicly accessible internet sites without permission of the Curator. Researchers, including students completing a class assignment or project, must email the Curator in advance of their imaging activities near the exhibits.

For further information regarding publishing, commercial, media, or educational applications please contact the Museum.