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Sindecuse Museum

Recent Acquisitions

Over the past year we’ve acquired some interesting items for the Museum collection.

A few examples are listed below. Numbers listed in parentheses refer to the object's catalog number should you want to inquire about an artifact.

Miss Peach comic

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Miss Peach comic by Mell Lazarus (SMD 1035.0001)

Mell Lazarus’ long-running comic strips included “Momma” as well as “Miss Peach,” which follows a sweet teacher and her students. This original Miss Peach strip from 1960 has a humorous dental theme. Donated by Susan H. Carron, DDS (Class of 1977).

Dental Hygienist Shoes

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Shoes of a dental hygienist (SMD 1000.0039)

These white leather lace-up shoes with a slight heel were once worn by Jackline Myers during her time as a dental hygienist at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry from 1951-1953.

Stereograph of a tooth-pulling scene

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Stereograph of a tooth-pulling scene (1017.0001)

Stereographs were an early relative of holograms in which two images appeared as one 3-D image when viewed through a stereoscope. Our curator, Shannon O’Dell, presented research on dental stereographs like this one, dated to 1870-1900, which shows a funny tooth-pulling scene.

X-ray lantern slide

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X-ray lantern slide (1022.0056)

An X-ray side view of a patient’s mouth is seen in this slide probably taken between 1920 and 1940.

American Dental Association holiday stamp

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American Dental Association holiday stamp (1025.0010)

Dr. Michael Flynn donated a collection of Christmas and holiday themed stamps such as this one which promoted the American Dental Association’s Relief Fund. They were given to him by one of his patients.

Dental sign

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Dental sign from Jackson, Michigan dental practice (1031.0003)

Dr. Slater was a 1966 graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry who practiced dentistry in Jackson, Michigan. This sign hung outside of his business there. It donated by the Estate of Thomas H. Slater DDS.