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About the School

Help Yourself Garden

Orange background with colorful illustrations of fresh produce

Help yourself to fresh produce! Help yourself to better health! Help yourself to relaxation! Help yourself to community!

The Help Yourself Garden was begun in 2014 as a community resource.  Staff, students, and faculty from the School of Dentistry maintain the garden.  Everyone – dentistry personnel, patients, and anyone walking by – are invited to enjoy the garden.

  • Watch the garden grow from May through October
  • Harvest veggies to take home
  • Send in pictures of the garden, your harvests, recipes, etc.
  • Take an active role: plant, water, weed
  • Meet and learn from other gardeners

The garden is a place to relax, to escape the pressures of work and study, to learn about gardening and food, and to harvest vegetables for your own use.  There are work parties in spring and fall, and regular work days throughout the summer.  Or, enjoy the garden whenever you have a few minutes free!  (If you are unsure about what’s a weed, ask before pulling out plants.) Harvests will start by mid-July – please help yourself, being mindful not to hurt the plants.

Contact for information or to be added to the update list.