Hatch Lab
Nan Hatch, DMD, PhD

The Hatch Lab is focused upon elucidating essential factors and pathways that control craniofacial skeletal development and pathogenic mechanisms leading to craniofacial skeletal anomalies, with an emphasis on craniosynostosis (the premature fusion of cranial bones).

Ono Lab
Noriaki Ono, DDS, PhD

The Ono laboratory uses genetically engineered mice to study the fundamental biology of stem and progenitor cells of the bone cell lineage in growth, development and homeostasis.

Dental and Craniofacial Bionetwork for Image Analysis - DCBIA

The DCBIA brings together clinical researchers, brings together clinical researchers, computer scientists and engineers to address the following gaps between clinical choices and effective treatments: (a) a lack of quantitative imaging biomarkers of bone structure; (b) limitations in techniques to assess treatment effects and quantify degradation or repair of bone; (c) a lack of software and training for the use in dental clinical practice management.