Program Overview

The department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in the School of Dentistry at the University of Michigan offers a Dental Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics to those who are committed to enhancing their knowledge in biological sciences, clinical orthodontics, and research methodology. General dentists who have graduated from a CODA accredited dental school or orthodontic specialists who are internationally-trained qualify to apply to this non-degree program. The goal of this program is to provide solid foundational knowledge in orthodontics and training in scientific methodology. Postgraduate scholars should have the motivation and be involved in research projects with experts and innovators at the University with the goal of peer reviewed publication. This program is not intended to prepare individuals to practice as recognized specialists in Orthodontics. For a Specialty Certificate or Master’s degree in Orthodontics, participants are encouraged to apply to a CODA accredited graduate orthodontic program.

The program is a fast paced and enriching twelve month course starting in the first week of July and ending in last week of June. The participants will have the opportunity to attend courses, seminars, and clinical sessions with the graduate students. They will also be able to engage in research with mentorship from the orthodontic faculty. The clinical experience will consist of participation in dentofacial conferences; craniofacial seminars and team meetings; and observation and assisting in the graduate orthodontic clinic.

One scholar will be selected per academic year. Depending on the clinical and research goals of the scholar, the program’s curriculum can be flexible and specifically tailored to meet the needs and interest of the scholar. Participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon fulfillment of the program requirements.