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Faculty Affairs

Promotion Guidelines

Timeline and Procedures

Department chairs, administrators and faculty being considered for promotion should refer to the following document for detailed instructions.


  • CV template (pdf | doc)
  • Portfolio template (pdf | doc)
  • Abbreviated Faculty Portfolio (pdf | doc)
  • Student-Course Evaluation Summary (xls)
  • Faculty Peer Evaluation and Assessment Forms are acceptable for use in your portfolio. Choose the form(s) that best meet your needs.
    • Assessment of Teaching - Lectures (pdf | doc)
    • Classrooom Observation Assessment (pdf | doc)
    • Clinic/PreClinic - Evaluation Criteria (pdf | doc)
    • Lecture - Evaluation Criteria (pdf | doc)
    • Instructional Development - Evaluation Criteria (pdf | doc)
    • Clinic/Preclinic - Evaluation Narrative Comments (pdf | doc)
  • Chair Promotion Recommendation (pdf or doc)
  • Recognition of entrepreneurial, creative and outreach activities (pdf)
  • Promotion Standards and Benchmarks (pdf)
  • Collaboration & Team Science - A Field Guide (pdf)
  • External Reviewer List (doc)
  • External Reviewer Description (pdf)
  • Faculty Graduate Student Evaluation and Assessment Forms and Summary Sheet. Acceptable for use in your faculty portfolio:
    • Graduate Student CLINIC Faculty Evaluation Template (doc)
    • Graduate Student CLINIC Evaluation Teaching Summary (doc)
    • Graduate Student COURSE Faculty Evaluation Template (doc)
    • Graduate Student COURSE Evaluation Teaching Summary (doc)
  • Tips for Preparing for Reappointment and Promotion (pdf)
  • Writing Promotion Letters (pdf)