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Faculty Affairs

Leaves & Retirement

Leave of Absence

  • U-M Faculty Handbook
    • Paid and unpaid extended time off due to personal circumstances or time off that may enhance the professional effectiveness of the faculty.

Sabbatical Leave

  • Provides an opportunity for an intensive program of research and/or study to enhance effectiveness to U-M as a teacher and scholar.  Tenured instructional faculty who have completed six years of service in regular professorial ranks at the University are eligible.
  • Standard Practice Guide 201.30-2
    • Faculty submit the Sabbatical leave Request Form (internal form) and the University of Michigan Request for Sabbatical Leave (form 36620) to their Department Chair.
    • Department Chair reviews and signs both documents and submits to the Dean for approval/sign.
    • The Dean sends both documents to the Executive Committee for approval (send to Faculty Affairs).
    • Upon the Executive Committee approval, Faculty Affairs sends an electronic copy of Request for Sabbatical Leave form to HRRIS (Human Resources Records and Information Services.
    • HRRIS forwards the request to the Executive Vice-President for Academic Affairs for approval. All University Sabbatical requests are processed each year in March. The faculty member and school/departments are notified in late April or May of the approvals.

Faculty Retirement, Emeritus/Emerita Status

  • U-M Faculty Handbook
  • Faculty approaching retirement will submit a formal letter, at least six months in advance, to the department chair stating his/her retirement plans and explain if Emeritus/Emerita status is being sought. If supported by the chair, the department will prepare and send the following items to Faculty Affairs at least three months prior to requested action date. Approvals required: Executive Committee, Dean, The Regents at the University of Michigan.
    • Memo from the Chair to the Dean supporting action.
    • Copy of the faculty's written communication to the Chair
    • A prepared Regents Communication, action request for Adoption of Retirement Memoir (contact Faculty Affairs for template/sample).