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Faculty Affairs

Appointments, Promotion & Tenure

Regular and Clinical Instructional Tracks, Supplemental and Joint Appointments

Research Scientist & Research Professor Tracks

Department Request for Appointment and Reappointment

For department requests for faculty appointment and reappointments please download and complete the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Request for Appointment/Reappointment (fillable) Form.

All appointment and reappointment requests are reviewed by Administrative faculty for appointment rank, distribution of effort, funding source and credentialing.

Request for new appointments and reappointments at 50% effort or greater require review by the Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee (APT), prior to the Executive Committee review.

Supplemental (adjunct) appointments at 49% effort or less must be submitted at least eight business days prior to the proposed Executive Committee meeting. You will receive monthly notifications of request deadlines.

All new full-time senior faculty appointments at the rank of associate professor and above (with or without tenure) will require approval from the Office of the Provost after the approval of the Executive Committee and before an official offer is extended. Please refer to the memorandum Guidelines for Obtaining Authorizations to Extend and Offer letter AEO's. The Provost Office requires 7-10 business days to process request.

Appointment and reappointments requiring retroactive start dates must be accompanied by an explanation (in writing) for being retroactive. Departments can use the "sticky note" feature on the Request for Appointment/Reappointment form for this purpose.

Refer to the Executive Committee Requirements for Appointments and Reappointment spreadsheet for required attachments.

Attach required documents (CV, Portfolio, Letters of Recommendation, License, etc) to the request form as follows:

  • Comment (button at top right)
  • Attach file (paperclip)
  • Move your cursor to the document and click
  • Search for your document to attach
  • Multiple documents may be added

Save your request form and send electronically (email) to the Office of Faculty Affairs (  Do NOT use the "Submit Form" button to process.

Krisden Romine
Faculty Affairs Coordinator
University of Michigan School of Dentistry
Office of the Dean
1011 N. University, Room 1220
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1078
(734) 615-6339
(734) 764-8046 (fax)

School of Dentistry guide to Need to Know Resources for

For more information on faculty appointments and promotion, recruitment,
leaves and retirement, governance and policies visit School of Dentistry -
Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs will acknowledge the receipt of your request. You will receive an email notification upon the Executive Committee's approval or recommendation.

Letter of Offer (LOO) - Letters of offer are drafted in the Dean's Office. Department Chairs should provide the following regarding the selected candidate:

  • Full name
  • Degrees
  • Full address
  • Rank being offered
  • Department
  • Initial responsibilities
  • Start date
  • Additional equipment or resources to be provided in addition to the funds provided.
  • Labortory room/needs: If known at the time, specific room numbers may be identified. Indicate general office equipment to be provided, such as computers, printers, etc., either by a specific dollar amount or specific equipment
  • Current location (moving from)
  • Name of staff member supporting search
  • Other issues