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Dental Informatics

Ctools & Canvas

Ctools and Canvas

What do I need to know about CTools?

What do I need to know about Canvas?

  • CTools to Canvas Migration
  • Canvas is a new learning management system that will soon replace CTools at U of M
  • The School of Dentistry is migrating all D1, D2, and DH classes starting in Fall 2015. D3 and D4 classes will be migrated starting Spring/Summer 2016. 
  • Canvas’s main advantages over CTools are overall ease of use, its ability to incorporate media and resources into course plans, and the ability to export detailed learning analytics data.
  • Login at using your Kerberos credentials.

How is Dental Informatics (DI) supporting Canvas

  • DI is working with Academic Affairs to roll out Canvas to the entire school, including course migration, training, and ongoing support.
  • If you would like to rework an existing course to take advantage of Canvas’s features, please contact the Help Desk at 3-3318 or