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Dental Informatics

Blue Jeans Video Conferencing

Blue Jeans Video Conferencing

What do I need to know about Blue Jeans video conferencing?

  • All faculty and staff can have a user account.
  • Conference participants do not need to register, but will need to download and install a browser plugin. The plugin download link will be sent in the meeting invite.
  • Blue Jeans conferences are accessed via a web browser or phone call.
  • Blue Jeans conferences can be recorded.
  • You can show documents, images or video files.
  • Chat / text window is available.
  • PHI cannot be shared or discussed in a Blue Jeans meeting.

How is Dental Informatics (DI) Supporting Blue Jeans?

  • DI Helpdesk staff will assist in getting you started.
  • DI has webcams that can be borrowed.

Video Conference Camera

Dental Informatics can loan you a video conference camera if you are in need of a camera for your conference. That camera can be requested from this form

Other Video Conferencing Options