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Dental Informatics

Accounts & Passwords

What computer accounts do I need at the School of Dentistry?

Umich Account

Dentistry Account

  • aka: Windows login, Desktop computer login
  • Used for...
    • Desktop computer startup, login
    • Accessing 'H' and 'I' drive on MiVault
  • To change it:
    • PC: press Ctrl-Alt-Delete then click 'Change Password'
    • Mac: Launch MS Remote Desktop, login, then follow instructions for PC above
  • This password must be changed every 90 days; you will receive regular notices starting 14 days in advance

MiDent Account

  • aka: AxiUm, EHR system
  • Used for...
    • Clinical information system, patient scheduling and billing
    • Access to HIPAA governed ePHI
    • MiDent training
  • To change it:
    • In MiDent, select Tools, Change Password
    • Or, see your PCC and request a password change
    • Or, from MiTools, click on your name in upper right corner, then select 'Change MiDent Password'
  • This password must be changed every 90 days