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The class rank/GPA submitted to PASS, as part of the Institutional Evaluation (Dean's Letter of Recommendation), will be the D3 Winter term final cumulative class rank/GPA for current D4 students. Current D4 class rank will not be released until after May 15th, as there will still be many grade changes in the weeks after final exams, so I ask for your patience.

Official Transcripts: Need to be ordered from the main Registrar's Office in room 1207 of the LSA building OR online in Wolverine Access / Student Business. We are not able to generate official transcripts at the School of Dentistry. If you have any outstanding Y's, I's or grade changes, you may want to review your transcript on Wolverine Access for accuracy before submission to PASS. PASS requires that you submit the PASS Dental School Transcript Request Form when submitting your transcript to PASS. Once you enter your educational background information into PASS it will generate a form for each school. Print this form off from the PASS site and turn it into the main Registrar's Office along with the U-M transcript request form.

PASS Institutional Evaluation (IEF): You will need to request this via eform in the PASS application and Dr. Duff ( will complete this portion. However, before she will begin your request, you must first fill out a Universal Request Form (URF; Dean's Letter Request portion) and turn it in to the Registrar’s Office along with your CV and personal statement. We will then assemble your request and give it to Dr. Duff to complete. Once you turn in your URF along with all required documents, Dr. Duff will then require 30 days to complete your request. Please keep in mind that she will receive many, many requests and that this is a very busy time for her. Please plan ahead. Again, please do not submit Dean's letter requests (IEF) before PASS opens.

Please note: In the narrative portion of the PASS IEF, Dr. Duff can only write one evaluation. If you are submitting more than one essay to apply to more than one specialty, Dr. Duff will only write about one specialty. For example: if you decide to submit an essay for a GPR and an essay for Ortho, please advise Dr. Duff about which program she should discuss in the IEF.

Please DO NOT email Dr. Duff your Personal Statement or CV. Your PASS application will not be initiated unless you turn in the URF and other documents to the Registrar’s Office. Please complete the eform request for the IEF at the same time that you submit the CV, URF and personal statement.

Professional Evaluations (PEF): The PEFs are mandatory and the programs identify the number of evaluations they prefer on their search engine profile.