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SPDL - Program Overview

Thegoal of the University of Michigan’s Scholars Program in Dental Leadership (U-M SPDL) is to empower those involved to envision and promote cultural changes in the realm of dentistry. It is our belief that this will be accomplished by bringing together the very best, brightest, and hardest working students with diverse backgrounds. By centering these talents on a shared goal of developing leadership skills, the program will create an environment that will serve all segments of our profession. 

Effective leaders require a multitude of skills to successfully lead change in complex and diverse situations in a flexible and accommodating manner. Participants of the U-M SPDL program will develop an understanding of the interplay between leadership and challenges that are faced by leaders as they develop value-creating opportunities through a set of leadership competencies.
This program will target pre-doctoral dental and dental hygiene students to facilitate thedevelopment of leaders in dentistry. Leadership in dentistry will be defined by the participants themselves, whether leading a successful practice, effecting policy change, participating in dental research, or pursuing academic dentistry.  The program is intended to capitalize on human potential by developing a leadership mindset through activities such as coaching and counseling for maximal performance, fostering the power of working together, and managing change.