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Muslim Student Dental Association (MDSA)

The Muslim Dental Student Association (MDSA) was established in 2007 when Muslim dental students recognized the need to organize. The MDSA aims to serve the diverse Muslim student community at the School of Dentistry by providing a common platform where Muslim students can work collaboratively and can find social support. In addition, the MDSA hopes to work collaboratively with other student organizations in various outreach, retention and community service projects in the effort to increase oral health literacy. The MDSA strives to foster and maintain a positive relationship between Muslim students and fellow members of the dental community by providing support and education for issues related to Muslim students, patients, and Islam in general.

Smiles for the East

Our mission is to provide acute oral health care services to under-served Middle Eastern regions through international collaboration between dental universities, operatories and dentists.  We hope to accomplish this goal by organizing annual outreach missions to selected Middle Eastern regions, recruiting upper graduate dental students from across the United States who work abroad under the guidance of local certified dental practitioners. There students provide acute oral health care services and oral health education at no cost to communities in need.

Who can join/how to join:  Anyone

updated 8/3/10