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Dental School Student Council

The Student Council is responsible for communicating among individual students, various organizations throughout the dental school community, and between students and faculty. This communication is designed to stimulate interaction between students and faculty members. Student Council members are selected by general class election. To achieve these goals the Student Council attempts to conceive, plan, and execute appropriate projects for the good of the dental school community and the profession as a whole. Some of the activities in which Student Council has participated include faculty-student mixers, a “Welcome Back” reception, Dental Health Day, and a mouth guard program.


Student Council Officers

President - Luke Aiura
Vice Presdient - Chelsea Rick
Treasurer - John Jurkas
Secretary - James Perman
Dental Hygiene Representative - Hunter Beaubien
Updated 5/11/15

Class of 2016 Officers

President: Kyle Katynski
Vice President: My Yang
Treasurer: Ashley Howard
Secretary: Spencer Crouch
Fundraising: Maggie Anderson, Alexis Omer
Sports: Bart Maska, Kyung Cho, Max Kubitz
Honor Council: Trevor Allen, Joe Long, Mike Reid
Curriculum: Ariel Westervelt
Community Outreach Chairs: Mudita Agrawal, Eric Tye, Nishi Waghmare
Social Chair:  Max Kubitz and Brittany Hashid
D1/D2 Relations:  Kimi Patel
Clinic Reps:
2 Blue: Stephanie Keil
2 Green: Max Kubitz
3 Blue: Eric Tye
3 Green: Kyle Katynski

Class of 2017 Officers

President: Luke Aiura
Vice President: Chase Ellis
Treasurer: Katie Johnson
Secretary: Natalia Radzikowski
Fundraising Chairs:  Matt DeMerlee, David Best​
Honor Council: James Perman, Jay Thakkar, David Switzer
Curriculum: Dan Bair
Community Outreach Chairs:  Vanessa Donastorg, Teddy Eusebio
Sports Chairs: Chelsea Rick, Robbie Iveson
Social Chairs:  Patrick Chuang, Aryan Roushanrouz
Technology: Cade Cannon
D1 Liaison: Lauren Bauer
Pre-Clinic Reps:  Tyler Eatchel, Danielle Dann

Class of 2018 Officers

President: Alisa Lee
Vice president: Matt Loomis
Secretary: Lindsay Isenhart
Treasurer: Eric Yoskovich
Curriculum chair: Hussain Haider
Fundraising: Jenn Cleary, Mary Bender
Sports chair: Nick Reece, Nate Hock
Honor Council: Angela Svaan, Andrew Gasior, Derek Schmidt
Service chairs: Andrew Chong, Allie Hylen
Social chairs: Tyler Guinn, Madeline Connick
Pre-clinic reps: Angela Khamphouy, Wassim El-Awadi
Tech chair: Brandon Scott
D1 Liaison: Alan Khandinov, Syndey Lenhart
Clinic reps: Josh Smith (2 Blue), Lori Donnelly (2 green), Melissa Keil (3 blue), Wassim El-Awadi (3 green)
Updated 5/12/15

Dental Hygiene Class Officers

Class of 2016

President:   Hope Wooley
Vice President:   Wafaa Nabilsi
Secretary:   Samantha Bordener
Treasurer:   Allie Xaysavat
Clinic Representatives:
      Second floor 
Allie Xaysavat
      Third floor Samantha Bordener
Student Council Representative:   Hunter Beaubien
Honor Council Representative:   Peter Liang
Student Chapter ADHA Representatives:  Jessica Duell & Emily Pedersen
Research/Table Clinic Committee:   Jessica Duell
Social Chairs:   Morgan Duram
Historian Committee Chairperson:  Neda Bhatti
Alumni Board Representative:   Emily Pedersen
Fundraising Chair: Avina Patel

Class of 2017

President : Olivia Zabel
Vice President : Danielle Dale
Secretary : Jessica Gibbs
Treasurer :  Katie Szewczyk
Clinical Representatives
     Second floor: Harneet Braich
     Third floor: Uzma Arif
Student Council Representative: Radhika Patel
Honor Council Representative: Harneet Braich
Student Chapter - ADHA Representatives : Emma Golding & Shannon Houser
Research/Table Clinic Committee: Sarah Niazi
Social Chairs : Jennifer Vu & Natalie Werner
Historian Committe Chairperson : Shannon Houser
Alumni Board Representative : Olivia Zabel

Class of 2018

Available in September, 2015. 



updated 07/28/2015