Resources for Dental Professionals

Referring your Patient to the School of Dentistry

For general dental care, your patient may call Patient Admissions & Emergency Services to schedule an initial visit. Please provide your patient with a copy of their x-rays (panorex, full mouth series and/or bitewings), if taken within the past two years, to bring to their appointment. X‐rays can be emailed to the School of Dentistry at

For specialized treatment, refer your patient to a Graduate Dentist Clinic or Dental Faculty Clinic. Please call for specific instructions regarding referral.

Graduate Specialty Clinics

Dental Faculty Clinics

Oral Pathology Biopsy Service

  • Biopsy kits supplied free of charge
  • Pre-paid UPS two-day shipping
  • Pathological diagnoses faxed within 24 hours of specimen receipt (exceptions: hard tissue, special stains, DIF studies)
  • Call 1-800-358-1011 or 734-764-1543 for more information or to request supplies