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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you open evenings and weekends? We are not open evenings, weekends and major holidays.  Our clinics are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, check-in and registration begin at 8:00 am.  All clinics are not open on all days due to the academic calendar and other non-clinical obligations.  - new patient information
Can anyone be a patient at the School of Dentistry? Yes, we are open to the public. - new patient information
Are your services free? No, our services are not free. Our fees in the student clinics average 20-50% less than Ann Arbor area private practice dentist. - time/cost comparison chart
What kind of dental work can I have done? We do all types of dental procedures here.  However, not all services can  be provided by dental students, some will require specialty clinics.  - available services and clinics
Do you take dental insurance? Yes, we take most dental insurances and we also participate with Michigan Medicaid.  - billing & insurance
How do I get to the Dental School
and where do I park?
On the main U-M campus in Ann Arbor. Our parking structure address is 200 Fletcher Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. - directions & parking
How long are the appointments? In the student clinics most appointments average about three hours because you have your treatment done by a student who is supervised by a licensed dentist.  - time/cost comparison chart
Do you have a Walk in Emergency Clinic? No, our emergency clinic is by scheduled appointment.  - urgent care services
What if I still have questions?
Please call our Patient Admissions and Emergency Services clinic at 734-763-6933, or toll free 888-707-2500. 


Student Dental Clinics

In the Student Dental Clinics, treatment is provided by dental and dental hygiene students under direct faculty supervision.

Graduate Specialty Clinics

In the Graduate Specialty Clinics, you will receive treatment by residents training for a graduate degree or board certification in their specialty.

Faculty Patient Care

Faculty members at the University of Michigan devote part of their time to patient care, employing the most advanced diagnostic technologic procedures available. For more information go to Dental Faculty Associates

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