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Emergency & Urgent Care Services

Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Dental emergencies include
    • Swelling & pain
    • Continuous bleeding
    • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
    • Serious injury to your mouth or jaw
  • New Patients
    • Call PAES (Patient Admissions & Emergency Services) Clinic
    • 734-763-6933 option #1
    • 888-707-2500 option #1
  • Current Patients
    • Call your student dentist directly at the number they provided
    • If you are unable to contact your student dentist, call PAES (734-763-6933  or 888-707-2500 option #1)
    • Pediatric Clinic patients, call 734-764-1523 if your child has a dental emergency

After Hours & Weekends - Current Patients Only

Patients who are not currently being treated at the School of Dentistry should seek treatment at their local hospital emergency room.

  • Current School of Dentistry Patients
    • Call 734-936-6267
    • Ask for the dental resident on call and identify yourself as an active patient of the School of Dentistry
    • The resident will discuss the problem with you by phone and advise you on how to proceed
    • Patients receiving emergency dental care in the hospital will be billed the current Emergency Room fee
  • Current Orthodontic Patients
    • After hours, each of these phone numbers will have a message giving you detailed instructions how to manage your emergency
    • Dental Student:  734-647-8824
    • Graduate Student:  734-764-1520
    • Faculty Practice:  734-615-8899
  • Current Pediatric Dentistry Patients
    • Please call 734-936-6266 ext 32375


Student Dental Clinics

In the Student Dental Clinics, treatment is provided by dental and dental hygiene students under direct faculty supervision.

Graduate Specialty Clinics

In the Graduate Specialty Clinics, you will receive treatment by residents training for a graduate degree or board certification in their specialty.

Faculty Patient Care

Faculty members at the University of Michigan devote part of their time to patient care, employing the most advanced diagnostic technologic procedures available. For more information go to Dental Faculty Associates

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