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Dental Hygiene Alumni Association


We would like to remind/inform you of the annual dues for July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014.  You may pay your $15.00 dues annually or you may choose to have a Lifetime Membership at the one time cost of $150.00.

Please submit your dues to:

Dawn Maynard
School of Dentistry Office of Alumni Relations
540 E. Liberty - Suite 204
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104-2210

Please make your check payable to “School of Dentistry” and be sure to note that your check is for Dental Hygiene Alumni Association dues.

Click FY14 Dues Form.pdf for a printable dues form.

Please print and enclose this form with your check or credit card information.  Be sure to include your address, current email and graduation year as this will assist us in recording your payment.  Feel free to write down a few lines to let us know what you have been doing professionally and personally!  If you would like to nominate someone for the Outstanding Alumni/ae award that is presented annually, please send us his/her name, years in practice (must be at least 30 years in practice) and a copy of their resume for our consideration.

We sincerely thank you for your generous support!  Your dollars enable us to preserve the excellence that we have come to expect from the University of Michigan Dental Hygiene Program.  Your dues help us to host activities, such as the senior luncheon, present gifts and awards, share in Homecoming activities, and also provide financial support for students in need.  Without your continued support, these things would not be possible.



Homecoming Weekend 2014

October 30th & 31st and November 1st

(for classes ending in 4 and 9)

More information found here: Homecoming 2014


To:  Fellow University of Michigan Dental Hygiene Graduates
From:  The University of Michigan Dental Hygiene Alumni Executive Board
Subject:  Summer 2013

We hope this letter finds you well!

Our annual Senior Luncheon was held on April 13, 2013.  The luncheon is a time when all of our graduating senior students are recognized for their accomplishments while in the program.  In addition, it is an opportunity for students to mingle with faculty, alumni, the current Dental Hygiene Alumni Board members, and Washtenaw District Dental Hygienists’ Society members.  The day was beautiful and everyone there enjoyed a delicious catered lunch.  The luncheon could not have happened without the generous support of alumni, members of Washtenaw District, and faculty.  Thank you for all of your help! 

Spring is a special time when senior students who have excelled in academics, service and scholarship while in the program are formally recognized.  Below is a description of each award, name of the student recipient and a brief summary of “why” this particular student was selected for the award.

Pauline F. Steele Student Leadership Award
Pauline Steele was the second director of Dental Hygiene and served in that position from 1968-1988. For her contributions to dental hygiene education at the School of Dentistry and the dental hygiene profession, an award initiated by the Dental Hygienists’ Alumnae Association was renamed the Pauline Steele Student Leadership Award in 1987. Ms. Steele was a nationally recognized leader in dental hygiene.  This award recognizes a senior dental hygiene student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities while a dental hygiene student. 

Recipient: Annette Kavanaugh

Annette was vice president of the Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association for two years and served as senior class president.  She was a peer teacher in pre-clinic and clinic.  During the three years in the program Annette has been an outstanding role model and leader among her fellow dental hygiene colleagues. Last year Annette was recipient of the newly created Wendy E. Kerschbaum Emerging Leadership Award.  Needless to say, “leadership” is Annette’s middle name.

Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals S.T.A.R. Award
This award is sponsored by the Colgate Oral Pharmaceutical company and recognizes the “stars” among senior dental hygiene students across the United States.  S.T.A.R. stands for Student Total Achievement Recognition. 

Recipient: Chelsea Bissell

Chelsea has been a true “STAR” while in the program.  She has excellent patient care skills and takes time to go the extra mile to serve her patients.  Chelsea has volunteered for numerous community outreach activities both inside and outside of the school and has tirelessly devoted her time and talent to serving those around her.

Hu-Friedy Outstanding Student - Golden Scaler Award
This award is presented to the student who exemplifies the dental hygienist’s role of clinician in all aspects of clinical care.  The student must demonstrate outstanding skills in patient assessment, analytical abilities in developing a dental hygiene diagnosis and treatment plan, and the ability to carry out the educational, therapeutic and preventative aspects of dental hygiene care.  In essence, this individual must have the ability to develop an effective relationship with the patient, identify the patient’s needs and effectively complete the appropriate care.  In addition, the student must be able to integrate dental hygiene care into comprehensive oral care, serving as a facilitator and advocate for the patient. 

Recipient: Chelsea Hutson

Chelsea not only excelled academically while in the program, but also in the clinic where she provided superior care and service to her patients.  Chelsea was a peer teacher her senior year and was recognized by both her instructors and first-year dental hygiene students as being an excellent role model and clinician.

Washtenaw Dental Hygienists’ Society Professional Involvement Award
This award is given to the student who demonstrates commitment to professional development through participation in professional activities and/or community service.  Membership in SADHA is preferred. 

Recipient: Stephanie Wolski

Stephanie’s involvement in a variety of professional and community activities have been many over the past three years.  She’s served as president of Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and been a class representative for two years.  She’s been an integral member of the Student Chapter executive council and also a student delegate to the Michigan Dental Hygienists Association.  Stephanie has always given back to her community by volunteering for numerous community outreach projects.


American Association of Public Health Dentistry
Each year the American Association of Public Health Dentistry sponsors a national recognition award for senior dental hygiene students who have demonstrated a Special Interest/Achievement in Community Dentistry and Dental Public Health.

Recipients:  Sara Wesley

Sara has demonstrated dedication to public health in her clinical practice, through her advocacy efforts, and in her research.  She has been a volunteer clinician at the Community Dental Center’s Community Dental Day. She has also spent this past year working to enhance the U-M ADHA Student Chapter’s treasury so that the organization can “give back” to our community outreach and rotation sites.  She has also committed a year of her time to a team-based project that enhanced the food security of the members of the Huron Valley Boys & Girls Club through a garden enriched educational program.


Sigma Phi Alpha
Sigma Phi Alpha is the national dental hygiene honor society and Nu Chapter is the University of Michigan component of the national organization.  The purpose of Sigma Phi Alpha is to promote, recognize and honor scholarship, service and character among students and graduates of dental hygiene.  Senior dental hygiene students who rank highest in scholarship and character and who exhibit potential quality for future growth and attainments are recommended by the faculty members for induction into the society each spring. 

This year we welcomed three baccalaureate senior students, one Degree Completion student, one graduate dental hygiene student and one dental hygiene adjunct faculty member into Nu Chapter. 

Baccalaureate Students:  Lindsay El Awadi, Chelsea Hutson, Emily Fish

Degree Completion (E-Learning) Student:  Samantha Reidenbach

Graduate Dental Hygiene Student:  Bridget Beattie

Dental Hygiene Adjunct Faculty:  Darlene Jones


Johnson and Johnson Professional Excellence in Dental Hygiene Award

In recognition of outstanding clinical expertise, education in health promotion/disease prevention and recommendations of clinically researched oral hygiene products. Senior dental hygiene students who excel in academics, provide exceptional patient care, demonstrate professionalism, and are involved in the various roles of the dental hygienists are eligible.

Recipient: Emily Fish

Emily Fish has consistently fulfilled each of the award criteria from the time she entered the program.  She’s been a phenomenal role model to her fellow students as well as an exceptional clinician, peer teacher and patient advocate.


Ginsberg Center Service Cords

The Ginsberg Center Service Cords are worn at graduation as a visible testament of the number of U of M graduates who have made contributions to the community through service and social action.

Recipients:  Annette Kavanaugh and Sara Wesley

Annette and Sara have been actively involved in ADHA Student Chapter and School of Dentistry community initiatives.  Additionally, their year-long involvement at the Huron Valley Boys and Girls Club is a special example of their exemplary service-learning commitment. 


Philips Sonicare/RDH Mentor of the Year

The Philips Sonicare/RDH Mentor of the Year award annually recognizes outstanding dental hygienists who have positively impacted the lives of other professionals. 

Recipient: Anne Gwozdek

Anne is the director of the Dental Hygiene Degree Completion Program. She was nominated for the award by four dental hygienists who, in their nomination letters, shared how Anne has touched their professional lives in some manner, helping them achieve a level of professional growth and attainment they believe would not have been possible had it not been for Anne’s remarkable mentoring.  When asked what the award means to her Anne responded, "To be nominated by students and colleagues leaves me humbled and very grateful”.  She is thankful for being able to support and encourage the next generation of dental hygiene professionals by “paying it forward”.


Outstanding Dental Hygiene Alumni

Each year the DHAA board selects one Outstanding Dental Hygiene Alumni.  This recipient is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has been practicing for at least thirty years.  Each winner has given exemplary service to the profession of Dental Hygiene. 

Recipient: Christine Farrell

This year, we congratulated Christine Farrell on her achievements and contributions to our profession.  Christine spent a short period of time in clinical practice before moving into state government and is currently the Oral Health Director for the State of Michigan.  She has served as president of professional associations, including the Michigan Dental Hygienists’ Association and the Medicaid/SCHIP Dental Association.  Through her dedication and leadership in oral health, she has been recognized at the federal level to lead collaborations with other government agencies and was chosen by Governor Jennifer Granholm to testify before the United States Congress in 2007. She has provided service to our profession through serving on American Dental Hygienists’ Association councils as well as state and local association committees.  She has been a member of the U-M School of Dentistry Board of Governors as well as our Dental Hygiene Alumni Association Board and presently teaches in our online educational programs.


Congratulations to all the award winners and recent graduates!  We wish you continued success in our wonderful profession!


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