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Periodontics and Oral Medicine

Dr. Yvonne Kapila Lab

Contact Info 

1011 N University Ave
School of Dentistry #5228
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1078
Phone: 734-615-1642


Researchers Drs. Pachiyappan Kamarajan, Yvonne Kapila,
and Turki Alhazzazi (left to right) proudly display the
Hatton Awards presented to Dr. Turki Alhazzazi.

See story In the News

U-M News Service, January, 2010. “Lights out: A protein may switch off cancer cells”. University of Michigan researchers discovered that the protein called RIP plays a role in mediating both the life and death of squamous cell carcinoma cancer cells, said Yvonne Kapila, associate professor, Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine at the School of Dentistry.

Research Interests

My lab focuses on three main areas of research. One area involves understanding the underlying cell-matrix interactions that govern disease progression in inflammatory diseases such as periodontal tissues. These studies encompass both basic cell and molecular biology studies and patient/translational investigations. Another related area that our lab has recently embarked on relates to expanding our understanding of the mechanisms by which matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) triggered by inflammatory disease-modulated-matrices may enhance osteoclast activity and diminish osteoblast differentiation. Lastly, the other main area of research in my lab involves understanding the cell-matrix interactions that govern cell survival and invasion/migration of squamous cell carcinomas.

Current Research

  • Fibronectin Regulation of Carcinoma Apoptosis, NIH/NIDCR
  • Apoptosis Regulated by Fibronectin Signaling Pathways, NIH/NIDCR
  • Apoptosis Regulated by Fibronectin Signaling Pathways - Diversity Supplement, NIH/NIDCR
  • Fibronectin Fragment-Induced Osteolysis Mediated by MMPs, NIH/NIDCR
  • Apoptotic Biomarkers of Periodontal Disease, UM Clinical Research Core/GCRC
  • Role of Rap1 in Cadherin and Integrin Mediated Cross-Talk in Oral Keratinocytes, NIH/NIDCR

Lab Personnel

Name Phone E-Mail
Abhijit Ghosh 734-528-9391
Arthur Lamia 734-936-3329
Bibiana Matte 734-615-1642
Darya Dabiri 734-615-1642
Jeena Joseph 734-222-9400
Jingping Xu 734-913-2784
Jiyoung Park 734-223-2150
Nam Eok Joo 734-223-5336
Pachiyappan Kamarajan 734-565-8518
Parminder Kaur Dulay 734-615-1642
Sindhu Halubai 734-239-4739
Sunil Kapila 734-647-8750
Taka Hayami 734-332-3763
Turki Alhazzazi 734-272-7741
Wei Wang 734-913-2784
Yvonne Kapila 734-615-2295
Andres Quintero 734-565-8559
Francisco Silva 734-995-6747
Julie Marchesan 734-222-8962