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Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry

Selected Publications

  • Zealand CM, Botero TM, Boynton JR, Briskie DM, Hu JCC.  Comparison of Gray Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Diluted Formocresol in Pulpotomized Human Primary Molars.  Pediatr Dent, in press.
  • Estrella MRP, Boynton JR.  General dentistry's role in the care for children with special needs: A review.  Gen Dent 2010;58(3):222-9.
  • Blanchard SG, Boynton JR.  Current Pulp Therapy Options for Primary Teeth.  J Mich Dent Assoc 2010;92(1):39-41.
  • Khalife MA, Boynton JR, Dennison JB, Yaman P, Hamilton JC. In Vivo Evaluation of DIAGNOdent for Quantification of Occlusal Dental Caries.  Oper Dent 2009;34(2):136-41.
  • Boynton JR, Green TG, Johnson LA, Nainar SMH, Straffon LH.  The Virtual Child:  Evaluation of an Internet-Based Pediatric Behavior Management Simulation.  J Dent Ed 2007;71(9):1187-93.
  • Boynton JR, Johnson LA, Nainar SMH, Hu JCC.  Portable Digital Video Instruction in Predoctoral Education of Child Behavior Management.  J Dent Ed 2007;71(4):545-9.