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Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics


Bauer, Patricia, DDS, MS, Clinical Associate Professor
Bayne, Stephen, MS, PhD, FADM, Professor & Chair
Botero, Tatiana, DDS, MS, Clinical Associate Professor
Chiego Jr., Daniel, MS, PhD, Associate Professor
Clarkson, Brian, BCHD, LDS, MS, PhD, Professor
de Peralta, Tracy L., DMD, PhD, FHEA, MClinEd,  Clinical Assistant Professor
Fasbinder, Dennis, DDS, Clinical Professor
Fitzgerald, Mark, DDS, MS, Associate Professor
Fontana, Margherita, DDS, PhD, Professor
Garcia, Daniela, DDS, MS,  Clinical Assistant Professor
González-Cabezas, Carlos, DDS, MSD, PhD, Associate Professor
Heys, Donald, DDS, MS, Professor
Heys, Ronald, DDS, MS, Associate Professor
Holland, G. Rex, BSc, BDS, PhD, Professor
Jin, Qiming, DDS, MS, PhD  Clinical Assistant Professor
Krishnan, Gail, DDS, MS, Clinical Assistant Professor
McDonald, Neville, BDS, MS, Clinical Professor
McLean, Mary Ellen, DDS, Clinical Associate Professor
Neiva, Gisele, DDS, MS, Clinical Associate Professor
Nör, Jacques, DDS, MS, PhD, Professor
Peters, Mathilde, DMD, PhD, FADM, Professor
Piskorowski, Wilhelm, DDS, Clinical Associate Professor
Ritchie, Helena, MS, PhD, Associate Professor
Sweier, Domenica, DDS, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor
Vivas, Jose, DDS, Clinical Associate Professor
Yaman, Peter, DDS, MS, Clinical Professor

 Emeritus Faculty

Dennison, Joseph, DDS, MS, Professor Emeritus
Taylor, George, DMD, MPH, DrPH, Professor Emeritus

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