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Biologic and Materials Sciences and Division of Prosthodontics

Ma Lab: Polymeric Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Lab


Dr. Ma 2013Principal Investigator

Peter X. Ma, PhD
Lab Address: D2211 Dental Building 
Phone Number: 734-647-4205 
Faculty Profile
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Research Investigators and Postdoctoral Fellows  

Zhao Chao

Zhao Chao, PhD

Xin Chen

Xin Chen, PhD

Thomas Eyster

Thomas W. Eyster, PhD

Jiang Hu

Jiang Hu, PhD

no image

Xia Huang, PhD

no image

Sevil Isoglu, PhD

Xiaobing Jin

Xiaobing Jin, MD, PhD

no image

Robert J. Kane, PhD

Zhongning Liu, PhD, DDS

Qihai Liu

Qihai Liu, PhD

Xufeng Niu

Xufeng Niu, PhD

Youngxiang Xu

Yongxiang Xu, PhD

Diana G. Soares DDS, Ms, PhD

Diana G. Soares, DDS, Ms, PhD

Xiaojin Zhang

Xiaojin Zhang, PhD

Wei Zhou

Wei Zhou, MD

PhD Students

Ming Dang

Ming Dang, MS

Yasmine Doleyres

Yasmine Doleyres

Dina Farahat

Dina Farahat

Melanie Gupte

Melanie Gupte, MS

Jeremy Holzwarth

Jeremy M. Holzwarth, MS

Sen Hou

Sen Hou, MS

Sean Park

Sean Park

Kunal Rambhia

Kunal J. Rambhia, MS

no image

Dawei Zhang, MD

Zhanpeng Zhang

Zhanpeng Zhang, MS

DDS and DDS/PhD Students

Fatma Mohamed, MS

MS and BS Students

Henrique Costas

Jelena Rosenberg

Annie Song

Eva Thompson

Pengrui Wang