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Biologic and Materials Sciences and Division of Prosthodontics

Kuroda Lab Personnel

Dr. Kuroda


Principal Investigator: 

Kenichi Kuroda 
Lab Address: 2223 Dental Building 
Phone: 734-936-1440 
Fax: 734-647-2110 
Faculty Profile


Additional Lab Members:

Dr. SangBae Lee.  Dr. Lee is a visiting scholar from Yonsei University in Korea. In the Kuroda lab, Dr. Lee is working on the development of dental adhesives.

Dr. Analette Lopez.  Dr. Lopez is a postdoctoral researcher, focusing on the development and evaluation of anti-biofilm coatings for dental unit waterlines and biomedical devices. 


Boram Pyeon.  Boram is visiting scholar from Osaka University in Japan where she is a 2ndyear Master’s student of Macromolecular Science. In the Kuroda lab, Boram is synthesizing and characterizing antimicrobial block and triblock copolymers.

Laura Thoma. Laura is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in Chemistry. In the Kuroda lab she is synthesizing and evaluating the antimicrobial activity of cationic homopolymers and their mechanism against Gram positive bacteria.

Masayasu Totani. Masa is a visiting scholar from Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Nara, Japan where he is a 4th year Ph.D. student in Materials Science. In the Kuroda lab, Masa is synthesizing star polymers and assessing their biocompatibility.

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