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Faculty Affairs

Online Manual: Office of Academic Affairs - Units

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Research and Leadership Pathways Support

Charlene Erickson
Room B309 Dent, 734-763-1785

Health Care Delivery Pathway Support

Becky Flynn
Room G226 Dent, 734-647-6248

Curriculum Administration & Course Support

Sherry McCune
Rooms B307

Curriculum Administration and Course Support is a unit of Academic Affairs created to provide administrative support to courses in the DDS, Dental Hygiene, and Graduate Programs at the School of Dentistry.  Looking for help with your courses, or wondering if there may be a better way to do something?  Please talk to us! We may just have the solution or assistance that you have been looking for!  We can:
  • Schedule faculty and speakers for lectures
  • Set-up and maintain a course CTools site
  • Request, gather and post lecture materials,
  • Track attendance
  • Request questions, format and copy exams
  • Take exams to E and E for grading
  • House exams for student review
  • Set-up and maintain a grade book
  • Post grades to CTools and Wolverine Access
  • Share our expertise on syllabus creation, course design, exams, CTools, and Wolverine Access

We encourage course directors to come to us as soon as the semester schedule is available.  Curriculum Administration and Course Support can help every step of the way from course set-up to final grades, or with more limited assistance, provided we have a clear understanding of what you are requesting and of what we can expect from you as we complete your request.