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Faculty Affairs

Online Manual: Michigan Center for Oral Health Research (MCOHR)

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Michigan Center for Oral Health Research
Domino’s Farms - Lobby M
24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Online Michigan Center for Oral Health Research (MCOHR)

MCOHR serves the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, the profession, and the public in the translation of basic knowledge into new evidence-based clinical therapies to improve oral, dental and craniofacial health.

  • Provides clinical research project management and consultation services to all faculty and research team members at the School of Dentistry
  • Biostatistical services, protocol review, informed consent form development, grants support, project management, and regulatory services (FDA and IRB applications)
  • Programmatic alliance with U-M clinical research resource the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR) since 2009
  • Interfaces with key University clinical research entities including MICHR, the Michigan Clinical Research Unit (MCRU), the Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center (MDRTC), and other health sciences schools and colleges.
  • Clinical Studies/Biostatistics core consisting of faculty members who serve as Principal Investigators or Co-Investigators on studies performed at MCOHR

Education and Training

  • Introductory clinical research workshops for faculty, staff and students pursuing new research endeavors
  • Hands-on clinical research training at MCOHR, including students in the school’s student research program (SRP), undergraduate research opportunity program (UROP) and the Michigan Clinical Researchers in Training (MCRiT) program
  • A two-day rotation through MCOHR for students is part of the dental school’s curriculum, to introduce students to clinical research and provide them with tools should they consider a career path in clinical and translational research.

MCOHR Clinic

  • Fully functioning clinic infrastructure with four operatories and a radiology suite with full digital radiography
  • All MCOHR project related visits occur at this clinic, from the screening process to study procedures to end-of-study visits


  • Robert Bagramian, DDS, DrPH, Interim Director,, 734-998-1468. Contact for assistance with project and funding discussions.
  • Carol VanHuysen, MICHR-MCOHR Liaison,, 734-998-6885. Contact for information on University Clinical Research Resources.
  • Anna Galloro, Research Area Specialist Intermediate,, 734-998-1435. Contact for assistance with IRB and FDA-related questions and support, and assistance with clinical research study budgets, study coordination.
  • Hilye Pittman, Patient Services Assistant,, 734-998-6721. Assistance with patient recruitment and clinical research scheduling questions.
  • Tina Huffman, Dental Assistant Senior,, 734-998-1503. Assistance with patient clinical research activities in the MCOHR clinics.
  • Thomas Braun PhD, Biostatistician,, 734-936-9844. Assistance with biostatistical questions, power calculations, study design.

MCOHR Advisory Committees

  • MCOHR Steering Committee
    • provide guidance to the Director
    • comprised of School of Dentistry and Medicine faculty members who meet semi-annually
    • provide valuable feedback and insight into the needs of clinical researchers at the School
    • guide MCOHR’s services provision process
  • MCOHR External Biotechnology Advisory Board
    • evaluate and provide feedback on MCOHR’s Strategic and Business Plan
    • form mutually beneficial academic-industrial partnerships critical to the success of clinical research in the future
    • collaboration provides insight and effective dialogue between industry and academia, critical to MCOHR’s growth and the University’s evolving mission towards greater expansion of translational research